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Debris Cover

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Quick Overview

Price per m2.
Made to measure.
Available in Dark Blue or Dark Green.


Debris Cover

How it works

> a BMH debris cover overlaps the pool by about 250mm 
> using tensioning straps the cover is pulled tight 
> the tension prevents the cover from sagging into the pool 
> the mesh material allows water through but stops the majority of the dirt and rubbish. the surface stays dry and clean


> residential, school and commercial pools
> generally used off season


> high grade woven p.e. mesh
> protection against ultra violet light due to material containing u.v. inhibitors. 
> adjustable tensioning straps around perimeter
> stainless hooks are permanently attached to each strap 
> holes are drilled into the surrounding deck to take these hooks. when the cover is removed all that is left are the small holes
> covers are custom shaped to match the pool
> covers are made with an anti chafe strip to resist wear around the edge

Hook and strap

Cover care

> fold carefully and store out of the sun when not in use
> clean with soapy water then rinse


what colours are available ?
  - dark blue and dark green

what is the life expectancy of a debris cover ?
 - over 10 years

can the debris cover be used year around ?
 - yes but because it is not quick to take on and off it is not practical to cover the pool when it is being used frequently. many pool owners therefore use solely as a winter cover


3 year warranty covering faulty material and workmanship on return to factory basis.

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