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Pool Installation

At Pool Land we are able to provide a complete sales, installation, advice and maintenance service to Christchurch and Canterbury homes. If you are not based in the Canterbury area please let us know - we may be able to recommend a suitable installation contractor for your region.

Phone or email to discuss with a member of our friendly team.

Contact Pool Land - 7 days a week on (03) 365 6414 or

Inground Install Process

Step One: Excavation

Pool Installation 1 Pool Installation 2 Pool Installation 3

Step Two: Assemble & Lay Channels

Pool Installation 4 Pool Installation 5

Step Three: Fencing

Pool Installation 6

Step Four: Install Walls & Sand Base

Pool Installation 7 Pool Installation 8

Step Five: Liner Install

Pool Installation 9 Pool Installation 10

Step Six: Plumbing Filter & Pump

Pool Installation 13

Step Seven: Backfill

Pool Installation 12 Pool Installation 14

Step Eight: Landscaping

Pool Installation 16 Pool Installation 17 Pool Installation 18