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Free Water Testing

Free Water Testing

We stock a full range of Bioguard chemicals for both swimming and spa pools, and also offer a comprehensive free water testing service. A monthly water test is recommended for all pools in order to keep the chemical balance correct, and allow sanitisers to work at their best.

The results are fed into a computer program that prints out a report of which chemicals are needed to remedy any problems, and gives printed guidance about how to maintain the balance. The service is free.


-Circulate the water for 24 to 48 hours before taking a water sample. Fill your BioGuard® Water Sample Bottle™ with your pool water, at elbow depth. If you do not have a water sample bottle, please bring your water in a clean, thoroughly rinsed bottle, preferably not in a bottle that has held any type of fizzy drink, as this can affect results greatly.

- If you are a new customer please be prepared to provide the following details about your pool (water volume or size of pool, surface of pool i.e. vinyl, concrete etc, type of sanitiser used or ozone (relevant to spas only).

-We would recommend bringing a list of the chemicals you currently have, and their quantities, so that you can pick up the correct chemicals when in store. 

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